Sometimes it floats

Below are some funny stuff that Lunchmeat said recently.  Many of them are oft used phrases or warnings of his.


“I want to go to Granny’s house for 100 minutes.  If it’s not that long it’s not enough and we should just stay home.”

“You are going to be in the explosion, the explosion will make your shirt purple, like that.”

“I’m only big when I get to play with Daddy’s Legos.”

“I’m not big, I’m not as big as Daddy!”

“I can only be good when I’m as big as Daddy, or when I have Legos.” Are you sensing a theme here?

“Granny is my best girl.  You are my number two girl.”  Granny keeps trying to convince him that I’m his number one girl, but we all know the truth, and it’s okay.

“If you don’t give me ____(fill in the blank)___ you won’t be my best (Mommy/Sister)” a much used phrase that he adapts for any circumstance.

“Let me tell you something!”


And the one that I really wrote this post to record…

This one was said to Granny as they were laying down together to take a nap.  Granny reports that he was very calm and thoughtful as he presented her with the following information.

“You know Granny, sometimes poop floats, and sometimes it don’t”

This remark has been much repeated and even made it into one of my brother-in-law’s business presentation.  Many of us have taken that as an analogy for life, which, really it is.




2 thoughts on “Sometimes it floats

  1. Robert Walker March 3, 2014 at 12:30 pm Reply

    Words of wisdom, there. Sometimes it floats, sometimes it doesn’t.


  2. katie March 12, 2014 at 3:21 pm Reply

    I love these little sound bytes from your kiddos. No one says it like it is like someone under 6 years of age!


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