Internet Safety

I have a lot of snarky things I’d like to write with the title above, but instead I’ll write about what actually happened.

Peanut asked me what I do for a living, that turned into a discussion on what computers are, what a database is and the difference between your computer and the internet (Which is something quite a few adults are fuzzy on). As I was talking with them (All the kids were there even though the question originated with Peanut) I felt it was a very good time to address computer safety again.

I explained to them that I have their user accounts set up so they will be safe for them, but that not everyone will have their computers set up that way and even though I’ve got the computers as safe as I can make them bad things might still get through.

The look of shock and horror on Cake’s face when I told her that some people put bad things on the computer was both funny and sad at the same time. Funny because of the look, sad because here I was teaching her that there are bad people in the world.

Cake got very concerned about the computers at school. She wanted to be sure that they were safe. She apparently doesn’t trust the computer teacher to do his job. I had to reassure her several times that the computers at the school were safe.

I told them that at some time they may be at friends houses using a computer and their computers might not be set up like ours, so it’s very important that they be careful when using other computers.

Then I told them that one of the bad things that people do with computers with put picture of naked people on them. Again the looks of horror from all three of my kids was something to behold. I told them that the bad guys are very sneaky with computers and that even if they are being careful a bad picture might pop up on the computer. I told them what I wanted them to do if that ever happened was to clap their hands over their eyes and turn away from the computer and call a grown-up for help. I then had them practice this several times.

Here comes the part that is actually funny.

A few days later Husband had the girls at the mall. They walked by Victoria Secret.  Cake saw a picture in the window and immediately clapped her hands over her eyes, turned away and shouted “Help me Daddy, Help me Daddy!” She would not stop until he had walked her away.

The thing that makes this even more funny is that I had not had a chance to tell Husband about my conversation. He had no idea why Cake was doing what she was doing. He came home saying, “The weirdest thing happened.”

I was VERY happy to hear that Cake had done what she had been taught

So, have you ever had an internet safety conversation with your kids? How did you do it? What was the result?



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