The Key

I was thinking the other day about key moments that happen that if they hadn’t, my life would have been very different.  One of them centers around my friend “Lady MacBeth”.

When I was eight the boundaries of my ward changed.  It all snowballed from there.

If my mother had not been called to do the ward newsletter, and if she had not interviewed Lady MacBeth’s parents for the getting to know you article, and if she had not brought me along, if Lady MacBeth and I had not become friends that evening, my life for the next ten years would have looked very different.

After that Lady MacBeth was basically my only friend at church.  There were some other girls who were nice but none that got me. I was different, I never realized how different until I was an adult. She was different too, and we were similar kinds of different.  She also knew other kids who were similar kinds of different.  I had only met one before, and honestly, I’ve not met many since.

All my good and true friends that I had in High School I met through her.  And then when I went to college all the friends that I had there were the same one’s I made through her in High School. If I was not friends with her what kind of friends would I have wound up with?  I either would have had no friends or I would have had very different friends.

My friends I got though her, they were all nerds.  I’m smart but they are all smarter.  I was the regular kid among the geniuses. I think being friends with them helped me learn more and grow more intellectually, and it helped me learn to be okay not being the smartest person in the room, because I never was. If I’d not had those friends I would have had a very different view of myself and how I fit in the world.

Also, they were all really good kids. Our being bad was playing at parks after they closed. Never did anything happen that was against my faith or my morals. They never tempted me to do bad things. It was cool to be good. That had a big effect on me as well. It made it easy to do the right things, because everyone was doing the right things. If I had not had those friends I can easily see myself having been pushed by peer pressure to do wrong thing in a desperate bid to fit in and have some friends.

So, basically my life up until my mission would have sucked without her.

And I’m pretty sure I would have been someone different when my mission time came. Would I have been the type of girl who goes on a mission? If not, my whole life the last 12 years would have been completely different. I would have not met Husband. And that REALLY would have sucked.

So, I’d like to just take this chance to say


You were the key.

I hope you know what a good thing you did when you were nice to me that night we played pirate ship on your bunk beds while our mothers talked.

And I did like that smoothy, I know you didn’t believe me at the time, but I did.




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