Things my Kids said

My kids are hilarious, as I’m sure yours are too.  I’ve been collecting up some snippets of what they have said and done that made me laugh, and here they are.


My in-laws recently gave her a two volume dictionary/encyclopedia.  When she walked in and saw it lying on the table she asked if it was her with a very excited look on her face. When I told her that they were she caught it up and began hugging it.


Cake was playing with Peanut and they were, for once, having a wonderful time and not getting in any fights. Cake said to Peanut “Aren’t I glad we are sisters!”


Husband was giving him and big hug and he said “Don’t crush me Dad, or you won’t have a son!”

He had to go to the bathroom during sacrament meeting and when he came back he was worried and asked “Did I miss the eating part?!?!?!”

When I needed to take his camo pants away because they had holes in them he said “You don’t need to take them, they are army holes.”


He has started saying a few things, sort of.  He said jeu for juce and MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA if he wants something, but that’s about it.



2 thoughts on “Things my Kids said

  1. katie November 25, 2014 at 8:04 pm Reply

    As usual, your progeny do not disappoint in the humor category. And, am I allowed to be jealous that Meatloaf is already saying “Mama”? Spencer still stalwartly refuses to say it.

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    • tdljld November 25, 2014 at 10:40 pm Reply

      Well, you can feel however you wish, but just know, mamamamamama doesn’t actually mean me, so I think they are still even on that point.


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