Being Sick

I know I’ve said this probably every time we go through a round of sickness in my house, but I HATE IT.

I HATE it when my kids are sick.

I HATE it when Husband is sick.

and I HATE it when I am sick.

We have spent the last three weeks churning through a long illness that sent Meatloaf to the ER and got Husband admitted to the hospital.

I thought I had escaped.

But then it descended.  The weight in my chest, the coughing, the feeling of malaise.

The question I’m always asking myself at this point in an illness is “Am I sick enough that the Doctor will give me meds?”  I hate waiting for that threshold.

So, which do you think it worse?  You being sick or your kids?


One thought on “Being Sick

  1. katie February 6, 2015 at 4:55 pm Reply

    Ooh, good question. They definitely both have their share of awful. Kiddos being sick is hard because they don’t understand the being sick or the fact that they need to rest to get well. I, on the other hand, understand that I need to rest to get well but I can’t because of the little people I have to take care of! They’re both really, really bad..I’ll just leave it at that. Hope everyone is on the mend really soon! (There are some terrible illnesses going around this year, aren’t there??)


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