Temple Adventures

A little while ago I had the great opportunity to Volunteer at a Temple Open House.  If you want to know more about Temples and what I’m talking about you can go to http://mormontemples.org/  Not only was I lucky enough to get to do that, I also had some interesting adventures while there.

When you volunteer at the Temple Open House, they have you meet at a Chapel before hand.  At ours they showed this great video with shots of the Temple being constructed and facts about the Temple and they gave us a little bit of information on how we were going to be given our assignments.

Then they divided us into groups and those of us with lots of room in our cars drove others to the Temple.  We drove over and then they took us into the Temple through a back basement door that you would normally never get to use. They took us to another room that again, you would normally never see and showed us a map of where all the stations were.  Then they started taking groups back to man stations.  I was in the last group, which was great because we got the Celestial room!

I started just outside the Celestial room and then after about an hour they rotated me into the Celestial room.

While I was there a cricket, that had somehow found it’s way into the Temple, started hopping around the Celestial room.  One of the permanent open house workers tried to catch it a lull between guest.  But the room started to fill up again before he caught it and a little boy saw he was trying to catch it and thought he would help by stomping the cricket.

We all took a collective breath in and held it as we watched his boot descend towards the cricket and the WHITE carpet.  We all breathed out at the same time when luck was on the side of the cricket and the carpet.  The boy continued to try to stomp the cricket while the whole room whispered at him to stop.  He then started scrambling at it with his fingers and actually caught the thing without smashing it into anything white.  We got him to hand it to the worker and we all calmed down.

It’s amazing how location makes things feel super dramatic where they wouldn’t matter in the least anywhere else.

Next they rotated me to the women’s dressing room.  A woman had to leave her post because she was dizzy.  I had her sit on one of the benches behind me.  Soon she was better and she went back to her spot.  Next one of the security guards came through and asked if anyone had tried to go back into the brides room, the pathway there was blocked by a sign.  I told him no and he checked all the closets and bathrooms to make sure no one was where they were not supposed to be.

He asked if I wanted to see the brides room.  I of course, said yes, but I couldn’t leave my post.  He said he would guard it for me and told me to go.  So I got to go see the brides room, which was beautiful!  I particularly loved the carpet which was pattered with flowers and cut with the pattern.

Next I was rotated to outside the Chapel and then we were done.  I drove my riders back to the Church where we started and then drove home.

It was wonderful and Spiritual, I know I’ve not captured that aspect here, but the whole time there was this special feeling that you only get in Temples.  I can’t describe it other then it’s the Spirit.

Have you ever had the chance to visit a Temple Open house?  Have you ever gotten to work at one?

This was actually my second open house to work at and my fourth to visit.  And I’ve been to six dedications.  One in person and the rest via satellite.  I feel very blessed to have been able to participate so much in the start of new Temples.


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