Managing Summer

So, I’ve implemented our summer plan.  I do the same thing pretty much every summer, typically with a different focus.  This summer our focus is going to be on kindness.  My personal focus is going to be on consistency.

One of the things that drives me a little batty every summer (and in every day of my life) are the repeated questions.  I don’t mind questions, I try to encourage my kids to ask me questions, but there are a few that get asked over and over with a certain degree of whinyness that I just go bonkers.  And it doesn’t help that these questions are often asked of me two inches from my face at 6:00 am, thereby scaring me out of sleep and out of my mind.

To try and combat these two problems, I made the following documents and posted them on my bedroom door.  Several people requested them so I thought I’d post them here.  I got my kids to help me think up what should go on these.  Lunchmeat really wanted to add the occurrence of Zombies to the “Should I wake up the Parents” sheet and was irritated when I didn’t.  I told him Zombies fell under the “Bad Guys” category.

Answers to Common Questions

Should I wake up the Parents

For those of you who saw the pictures of these signs on Instagram you will see that I have removed the images from the “Should I wake up the Parents” sign.  I got the pictures off a clip art site so they are not my own so I felt it would not be right to re-post them here. Sorry!

Do you have a “Summer Plan”?

Do you have a particular focus in your “Summer Plan”?

What questions would you add to the “Answers to Common Questions” sheet?

Did I miss anything you would add to the “Should I wake up the Parents” sheet?



One thought on “Managing Summer

  1. Anonymous May 27, 2015 at 9:33 am Reply

    Jenny,I really love your signs, I wish I had had those as all the kids were growing up especially the comments when your chores are done. With love Dad


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