The Birthday Curse

I have a birthday curse.

It started when I was a little kid and my birthday fell RIGHT after the start of school.  Everything was so crazy very often kids were not able to attend my parties…or at least that’s what I was told…

When I got older the curse got to be more pronounced, or at least in my head it did.

I remember when I turned 18.  12 of my friends planned a big party for me. Everyone was coming.  On the day of only 2 showed up.

So I’ve learned to ignore my birthday for the most part.  I tend not to plan things with other people or say much about my birthday because I’ve been conditioned to believe it will just lead to disappointment.

But even that attitude has not spared me from the curse.

About three years ago on the morning of my birthday our fridge broke.  That was exciting.  At least that year I still got cake.

One year hubby and my brother in law tried to fry me a turkey, because I LOVE me some fried turkey.  First they ran out of propane and next the propane hose sprang a leak and lit on fire.  Also the cake was a total failure.  I do however count that birthday as a win because of all the love and effort that they put in for me in the face of the curse.

This year I got a little brave, I made plans with people.

And it worked!  Mostly.

I had hot chocolate in the morning with one friend and lunch with another.  I had a wonderful time.   Then I got home.  I had plans to play games with my family.  I laid down for a few minutes after I got home and then was attacked by horrible allergies that kept me in bed for the next two days.

So I half won against the birthday curse.

Maybe next year I’ll 2/3’s win…

Do you have a day that invariably goes wrong?  Like Friday the 13th’s (which are lucky for me, by the way) or does every Halloween end in disaster? I’d love to hear about your personal curse days.



One thought on “The Birthday Curse

  1. Anonymous September 22, 2015 at 3:15 pm Reply

    Aw, a birthday would be a sad to to have a curse! I can’t think of any day for me that has a constant curse on it, though the week before Halloween typically tends to be one of my least favorite. You know, since it is a head-spinningly busy time of year, and also cuz it’s a dumb holiday and requires that way too much money be spent on costumes worn only once. Way to half-win against the birthday curse this year!


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