The Count

There is a daily ritual at my house that I refer to as “The Count”.  This is the time of day where I look in the dishwasher and the cupboard and count the sippy cups.  Anyone who has had a toddler will understand why this is an important ritual.  Doing this has saved me money and stress.  It has also saved me from losing my lunch.  Opening a sippy cup that has been left filled with milk, under the couch for a week is not pleasant.

When I was a younger Mom, and less wise, I did not perform this ritual.  This resulted in many a time of finding a sippy cup in some random place and wondering how long it had been there and what the contents had been.  There were times where I just tossed the cup out rather than brave opening it.

Now, in my older and wiser years, I perform the ritual.  Currently we own six sippy cups.  Keeping the number of cups to a minimum is very helpful in this ritual.  When I am loading the dishwasher after dinner I count the cups.  If there are any fewer than six cups everything in the house stops as everyone searches for the missing cup or cups.  Once the cup is found, rinsed, and placed in the dishwasher normal life can resume.  NOTHING is allowed to go in until the ritual is complete.  I am more sane because I do this.

What rituals do you have as a mom and save you from the mom version of DOOM?



One thought on “The Count

  1. Anonymous November 10, 2015 at 10:53 pm Reply

    This is awesome! I am much too unaware for this kind of planning. I would even go so far as to say that I do not actually know the number of sippy cups that we currently own. Sad.

    Best life-saver EVER that we only started doing recently even though we have had kid/kids in school for the last 5 years: packing lunches the night before! We do it right after dinner so that leftovers are easily accessible if that’s what they want in their lunch. And it has saved many a morning form utter disaster, I tell you.


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