Monthly Archives: December 2016


All the kids pack their lunches for school every day on there own.  Sometimes this is a hard task to make them do, sometimes they just get it done, which is nice.

Lunchmeat is usually the one where I have to hound him to pack his lunch.  One day he had left his lunch box at school so I made him, after hounding, put his lunch in a plastic Walmart sack.

In the morning everyone got their lunches and went to school as normal.

In the afternoon when I picked up the kids, Lunchmeat was very upset.  When I asked him what was wrong he asked “Why did you only give me carrots for lunch?”  I reminded him that he had packed his own lunch and asked what he was talking about.  He pulled out a Walmart sack and out of it he pulled a three pound bag of carrots.He asked me why I changed his lunch for carrots.

When we got home his lunch was still sitting in the fridge.

Poor kid.  What I don’t understand is why no one from the school did anything about it?  Apparently several adults noted he only had carrots and commented to him but no one got him a new lunch or called me.