Monthly Archives: September 2017

What I Think of Late at Night

I’ve not written in a long time.  It’s a combination of things; busyness, different focus, just life.  But last night I was up in the night and I thought about some things that I wanted to write down.

Last night, at 3:00 am my three year old son came into my room with a bloody nose.  This is not totally surprising, he’s been sick and tends to get nose bleeds when he’s had a cold.  He’d also had two during the day so it was obvious he’s got a tender spot inside his nose right now.

He doesn’t do well with bloody noses.  He fights and kicks and tries to escape.  He HATES it when I hold his nose.   Being tired, he fought more, and he already had blood on his face and his hands when I picked him up.  I got his blood all over me. I looked in the mirror as I was rocking my crying child, with his blood streaked all over me, knowing he would be fine.  In that moment I felt so much for all the mothers out there in the world right now who are rocking their child, knowing they won’t be fine.

In the wake of this weeks flooding in Houston I’ve been tender in my heart for the suffering of others.  Holding my child, late at night, made that even more so.  I thought about how blessed I have been.  In the wake of illnesses, that could have taken the life of my children at different times, I didn’t always see that.  Those were times of fear.  There were times that I didn’t always see, in the moment, what the Lord was trying to teach me in the midst of those experiences.  He was trying to take the difficult thing and use them to grow empathy in my heart.

As I rocked my son I prayed for the women who were holding their children above flood waters, those who are sitting by hospital beds, those who are sitting by graves.  I felt and I know that the Lord loves each one of them.

The Lord does not make bad things happen in this world, but he can make us into something great from those terrible events in our lives.  Use your love and your hands to help that come to pass for yourself and for others.  If there is little else you can do pray, pray for those mothers and children.  If you cannot open your home or your wallet, open your heart.  Reach out in love.  What you can do is enough.

The bleeding stopped, my son went back to sleep.  I watched him for a while, thinking about all the other mothers, wanting to hug and rock them as I had rocked my son.  Writing this is my small way of doing that.

If you need a hug I’m sending you one.  If you need someone to rock you, I’m here rocking you.  If you need someone to whisper in your ear that it will a be okay in the end, I’m doing that.  If you need love, you’ve got mine.  If you don’t need it now, carry this message with you until you do.  Because we all do at some time.

You are not alone.