Monthly Archives: January 2018

Knowing What to Share

I wanted to add my little piece to the tributes that have been paid to President Monson today.  I had a personal experience about President Monson I have been thinking about all day that I wanted to share.  I wrote a post about it.  I didn’t publish it.  I saved it and it’s sitting, waiting.

It’s really hard for me to know what Spiritual things to share sometimes.  The things that are the most meaningful, the strongest, are also the most personal and the most sacred.  I want to share the light, but I also want to keep sacred things sacred.

How do you know?  What is the difference between fear stopping you and wise restraint?  I can’t tell today.

So, I’ll just say this:

President Monson is a Prophet of God.  I know it. God told me thought the Spirit.

I Love you President Monson.

Welcome Home.