I wrote a post about Blogaquette a while back, as I put it.  I thought I would put my expectiations here so everyone would know what to expect of me and what I expect of them as they interact with my blog.

  • I don’t use real names on my blog, so if you comment don’t use my kids real names.
  • You are welcome to write about me or my kids on your blog, just use the fake names I use on my blog when you do it.
  • Same with pictures, I’m fine with it, just don’t Geo-code your pics.
  • I don’t say where I live in my blog.  I don’t even say what state.  I have mentioned it’s hot here in the summer, that’s about it.  So, don’t say where I live either.
  • If you catch me messing up on any of this, please point it out to me, I will appreciate it.
  • If you put me on your blogroll use the name of my blog the way I have it.  I don’t want my real last name on the internet
  • If I put you on my blogroll and you don’t want me to or you would like me to edit the way I named it, just tell me and I’ll take you off or edit the name, it won’t bother me at all.
  • I try to be careful not to write things about other people that would make other people uncomfortable to have on the internet.  If I cross that line, tell me.  I will be happy to change my post and I would much rather do that then write something that would upset someone
  • I will edit comments to remove swear words and proper names.

How about you guys?  What Blogaquette do you have or would you like to have for your blog?


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