My family is the biggest and most important part of my life. I’ve got a lot of family, but I’ll just list my immediate family here. I’m sure I’ll mention the rest of them sooner or later.

JennyHere’s Me.

I’m just your everyday average woman. I’m happily married, and have two beautiful daughters and a two wonderful sons. I work part time doing project management and Business Objects Reports. I like to read, watch movies, draw, play with my kids, and talk to my husband. I love art and fancy dress parties. I’m an internet and digital photo junkie. I enjoy web comics, yoga, and being outside. My biggest wish at the moment is to feel more on top of things.


Here’s my sweet Husband, Husband.

He’s sooo wonderful. He works really hard to take care of our family. He likes 4 wheeling, reading books, particularly those by Thomas Sowell. He is a talk radio, drudge, and Fox news junkie. He loves riding his motorcycle and working on his Jeeps. He enjoys playing chess, Axis and Allies and Civ. His biggest wish at the moment is that he made more money.




Here’s my eldest Daughter, Peanut.

She is a drama queen. Her main job is playing and learning. She likes playing tether ball, lego’s, and basketball. She loves milk, reading, and her Pooh Bear. She’s a Narnia, book and dress up junkie. Her biggest wish at the moment is that it was time to have a sleep over with her cousin.


cake the dinoHere’s my youngest Daughter, Cake.

She is as sweet and cute as you would expect a little girl to be, but then she turns into ornery Cake and is crazy. She loves playing outside, playing with her ponies, going places and stopping what ever Peanut is trying to do. She likes Perry the Platypus and footie jammies.  She’s a strawberry anything junkie.  Her biggest wish at the moment is that it time to go swimming.


Here’s my Son, Lunchmeat.ready for church

I think the picture speaks for it’s self.  His nickname really should be Distructo Man, but we were going with a food theme.  He loves trying to get what ever is the most dangerous or expensive thing in the room.  He likes cars, his Granny, and making a mess.  He is a Lego junkie.  His biggest wish at the moment is that we would stop stopping him from doing all the cool stuff he wants to do.





Here’s my Son, Meatloaf.

He’s just joined our family so I don’t know much about him yet.  I know that he loves eating, crying and sleeping.  He is a binkie junkie.  I couldn’t tell you what his biggest wish at the moment is, I would guess that we would figured out what he likes.




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