The Birthday Curse

I have a birthday curse.

It started when I was a little kid and my birthday fell RIGHT after the start of school.  Everything was so crazy very often kids were not able to attend my parties…or at least that’s what I was told…

When I got older the curse got to be more pronounced, or at least in my head it did.

I remember when I turned 18.  12 of my friends planned a big party for me. Everyone was coming.  On the day of only 2 showed up.

So I’ve learned to ignore my birthday for the most part.  I tend not to plan things with other people or say much about my birthday because I’ve been conditioned to believe it will just lead to disappointment.

But even that attitude has not spared me from the curse.

About three years ago on the morning of my birthday our fridge broke.  That was exciting.  At least that year I still got cake.

One year hubby and my brother in law tried to fry me a turkey, because I LOVE me some fried turkey.  First they ran out of propane and next the propane hose sprang a leak and lit on fire.  Also the cake was a total failure.  I do however count that birthday as a win because of all the love and effort that they put in for me in the face of the curse.

This year I got a little brave, I made plans with people.

And it worked!  Mostly.

I had hot chocolate in the morning with one friend and lunch with another.  I had a wonderful time.   Then I got home.  I had plans to play games with my family.  I laid down for a few minutes after I got home and then was attacked by horrible allergies that kept me in bed for the next two days.

So I half won against the birthday curse.

Maybe next year I’ll 2/3’s win…

Do you have a day that invariably goes wrong?  Like Friday the 13th’s (which are lucky for me, by the way) or does every Halloween end in disaster? I’d love to hear about your personal curse days.


Managing Summer

So, I’ve implemented our summer plan.  I do the same thing pretty much every summer, typically with a different focus.  This summer our focus is going to be on kindness.  My personal focus is going to be on consistency.

One of the things that drives me a little batty every summer (and in every day of my life) are the repeated questions.  I don’t mind questions, I try to encourage my kids to ask me questions, but there are a few that get asked over and over with a certain degree of whinyness that I just go bonkers.  And it doesn’t help that these questions are often asked of me two inches from my face at 6:00 am, thereby scaring me out of sleep and out of my mind.

To try and combat these two problems, I made the following documents and posted them on my bedroom door.  Several people requested them so I thought I’d post them here.  I got my kids to help me think up what should go on these.  Lunchmeat really wanted to add the occurrence of Zombies to the “Should I wake up the Parents” sheet and was irritated when I didn’t.  I told him Zombies fell under the “Bad Guys” category.

Answers to Common Questions

Should I wake up the Parents

For those of you who saw the pictures of these signs on Instagram you will see that I have removed the images from the “Should I wake up the Parents” sign.  I got the pictures off a clip art site so they are not my own so I felt it would not be right to re-post them here. Sorry!

Do you have a “Summer Plan”?

Do you have a particular focus in your “Summer Plan”?

What questions would you add to the “Answers to Common Questions” sheet?

Did I miss anything you would add to the “Should I wake up the Parents” sheet?

I am a believer

I am a believer in God
I am a believer in Justice
I am a believer in the fact that everyone is allowed to have their own opinion
I am a believer in agreeing to disagree no one is required to concede their point
I am a believer in people’s rights to do what they want, how they want
I am a believer in being careful with that last one, you can damage things in a way you cannot come back from
I am a believer in the fact that I know best for my kids, not someone, anyone else
I am a believer in the fact that there is your view, my view, and the truth lies somewhere in between
I am a believer in Hope
I am a believer in Dragons!
I am a believer in being “That Mom”
I am a believer in Love
I am a believer in Forgiveness
I am a believer in protecting yourself from those who hurt you
I am a believer in the power of Art and Music
I am a believer in the power of Words, and a dangerous power it is
I am a believer in Kindness
I am a believer in the virtue of taking the higher road (I almost wrote vulture there!)
I am a believer in being honest
I am a believer in knowing the difference between being honest and being a jerk
I am a believer in the fact that silence is a virtue, and one I need to work on!
I am a believer in bearing one another’s burdens
I am a believer in Trust
I am a believer in pain, and the fact that it teaches you things
I am a believer in looking at the bright side and looking for the silver lining
I am a believer in healing
I am a believer in Time and its power
I am a believer in many many things, more then I can write here

I am a believer for standing up for what you believe.

So, what do you believe in?

Peanut and Harry Potter

Peanut has recently discovered Harry Potter.  It was something we have been talking about having her read for a while.  The only reason that I put it off so long is she scares so easily and Harry Potter not only has some heavy themes but some scary scenes.  Her two best friends have been pestering her to read it and then the first book came up as t book for her book club, so I thought it was probably time.  We were at a book fair and I suggested she buy it for her book.  She was reluctant as she had a different book she wanted, but she bought it in the end (bought both actually, I only pitch in for so much at book fairs, if they want more then the set amount they have to pay for it themselves, but that’s a story for another day).

It took her one day to read it and she LOVED IT!!!!!!

When she was done she immediately came to me and said. “I NEED the next book, it is essential for my survival.”

She repeated this several times a day until I convinced her to check out the second digitally from the library.

She read that in one day, despite being quite ill at the time.

Harry Potter has resulted in a new obsession for her, it may have even replace science as her favorite thing, I’m not sure but here are some of the things she has shared with me about Harry Potter.

  • She already has her next birthday theme all planned, Harry Potter and Potion making.
  • She wants all the Harry Potter books.  She wants them in soft cover so that she can hug them.
  • She has finished the first book in Pottermore and is happy to be a Ravenclaw.
  • She felt guilty, like she was betraying us, because she was imagining that she was related to Harry Potter.  I told her that was not a betrayal of her own family and that she didn’t have to feel guilty.
  • She personally identifies we Hermione and I think that’s a perfect fit.  If you knew her you would see how she is a real life Hermione, same idiosyncrasies, same personality, same hair.
  • She is beside herself with excitement because the book club that caused her to read it is here at our house.  She’s been working on her book club plan ever since she finished the book.

I could go on, and she has, but I will let you imagine it for yourself.

I LOVE seeing my kids learn to LOVE new things, especially when they are things that I love as well.  It was hard not to push it on her.  Loving something, especially books, is not something you can really give to someone, and you can ruin it for them if you try to hard.  I’m glad this one worked out and I’m excited to see her learn to love more things.  I hope she takes to Lord of the Rings as well.  That will be fun!

What was something new and exciting that you or your kids recently learned to love?  How do you share the things you love with your kids?

In extreme emergencies

Peanut stopped me after dinner to, as she put it, “have an adult conversation” The other kids went upstairs and she asked me what the word assolence meant.  It took me until she told me it had something to do with growing breats that I figured out that she meant adolescent.  I explained to her that it was just another word for being a teenager.

She told me that sometimes it’s really awkward to ask me questions about stuff like that.  We talked about how even though it’s awkward it’s important she ask me about that stuff.

She responded “and in extreme emergencies, Dad.”

It’s nice to know I’m the preferred parent.

Why I wrote about my depression

I thought I would say a few things that I should have said yesterday about why I wrote about my depression.

First, I wrote in the hope that anyone else who is fighting depression will feel less alone. I know I felt very alone in some of the hardest times, even when I was surrounded by people who loved me would would have helped me if I had said anything. I hope you will reach out to me if you need help.

Also, I’d like to do what ever I can to help get rid of the stigma that has surrounded mental health. I grew up with the attitude that mental health problems are the same as physical health problems. I’m not embarrassed to say I have Asthma. No one, myself included, should be embarrassed to say they have a mental health problem. Often, the first step to getting the help you need is to say that you are struggling.

Third, it’s part of my fight, to admit that I have depression. I am best able to control my depression when I say, out loud, on paper, or what ever, that I’m fighting it.

Last, hopefully this will help someone see the signs of depression in themselves or in those around them and help them get help. Because, as it was with me, sometimes you can’t see it yourself, and you need someone to help you see it.


I struggle with depression.

I’m not sure why we use the word “struggle” for depression. That makes it seem smaller and easier than it really is. That seems more like untying a hard knot or maybe wrestling.  That doesn’t seem sufficient enough to me.

Most days it’s more like an all-out war, guns blazing and bombs going off. Some day’s I’m winning, some days not. Some days I lay down my arms and wave the white flag and the depression wins the battle. Some days I’ve won the battle, and it’s locked in a cell awaiting a jailbreak. A jailbreak will always come.

I always knew there was a very large chance I would have depression sometime in my life.  My mother has fought it for my whole life. I don’t remember ever not knowing that. Many others in my family fight that fight. One of my grandmothers took her life, likely from losing her war with depression.  We don’t really know, she wasn’t ever diagnosed.

I’ve watched for it my whole life, wondering if it would come.

When my first three kids were born I watched for it.  It didn’t come. I watched for it when we feared so much for Peanut. Both times. It didn’t come then either. It came when I had to go back to work after Lunchmeat was born.

Even for all my watching for it, and figuring it would come at some point, I was not prepared, I did not see it for what it was.

I spent six months crying all the way to work.  I would park in the garage and pull myself together, fix my makeup and go into work. I cried whenever I thought my kids or Husband couldn’t see me. Sometimes I cried when they could.

What was really scary is what came after that, when the crying stopped and I went dead inside. So dead that I figured it would be better if I really was dead. I spend the six months’ worth of drives thinking about just driving off an overpass to end it.

Even then, even with all my knowledge and experience with other people’s depression, I didn’t know. I couldn’t see. There was nothing but blackness. I couldn’t think enough to even see what it was. Until, one day, and I don’t even know what it was that caused it, I cried again.

The deadness was gone and replacing it was this crushing, horrible pain and sorrow. Then, I was finally able to see that I was in trouble and I needed help. It took me about six more months to be able ask for it.

I finally went to the doctor, I told him what had been happening. He gave me meds. The meds took some of the burden and I could go on without being crushed. I was able to start fighting.

Fast forward another year and a half, I got pregnant. I was doing really well mentally so we decided for me to go off my meds. My OB told me if I needed them they were fine for pregnancy. I went off, I was okay. My pregnancy was a blessing in many ways, not least of all mentally. The depression got locked far away and deep down. I was very lucky that it stayed locked up for about a year after my second son was born.

About four months ago the jailbreak happened.

This time, I was much better prepared. I was more aware and I KNEW much sooner that I was in a war and I knew that my life, and the life of my family was a stake. I fought, most days, with everything I had.

Right now I feel like I’ve got it backed into a corner. If I keep doing what I’m doing I hope that it will get locked back up again.

If it does or not, I must be ever vigilant, because the jailbreak always comes.