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The Art Gallary

Peanut LOVES to draw.  She’s actually quite good for her age, she does people with eyebrows, all their limbs and such. 

The other day we were heading to a museum.  Peanut drew a picture just for he occasion.  She wanted to be sure we took it with us to the museum.  I wasn’t quite sure why she wanted to do that but we took it with us.  When we got to the museum Peanut directed me to give it to the lady at the front desk.  She wanted in to be added to the gallery’s collection.  So, I solemnly handed it over and explained to the lady why I was giving it to her.  The lady played along and Peanut was VERY happy.  If only it was always so easy to get your art in a gallery.

I wonder what the girl did with the picture?


Artist Seeks fresh inspiration

I’m working on creating a logo for our family reunion. We are having it the same place we did last time, which is wonderful because it was the perfect place. The only problem is that being in the same location I don’t have any new inspiration to help me create a new logo. So…

If you needed to make a logo for a family reunion near cloud croft NM, what would you do? It must incorporate the date. We will be camping, talking, cooking, playing on a zip line, hiking in the woods, etc…

Speaking of the family reunion, it’s super fun. One of the things we do each time is have an auction of raise money for the next reunion. Everyone brings one or two items to sell in the auction. I’ll be doing these cool family photo books that I’m having published using blurb. I’ve been impressed with their software and I think it will be beautiful.