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Baby #4

So, a lot of things have been going on since I wrote last.  One thing is we are having another baby!  We are very excited about this.  I’m 12 weeks now and starting to feel better.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m older now, or that I have 3 other kids to take care of or the fact that I’m also working full time, but I’ve not been feeling as good as I usually do when I am pregnant.  But like I said, in the last week or so I have really started to feel better, which is GREAT!

I think that the biggest problem we are going to have with this kid is what to name it.  I’m really not having any ideas at all.  It’s lucky that I have six more months to figure it out.

Speaking of, I guess I’m weird these days, I don’t name my kid before they are born, I always have to see them first before making the final decision.  I always have a short list, but I’m never settled.  I have to SEE the kid first.

With Cake I had the nurses driving me crazy trying to get me to choose.  Every time they came in they were like “Have you name that baby yet!?!?!?!?!”  I’m hoping that my struggle now won’t last until then because that was REALLY annoying.

Do you name your kids before they are born?  Did Nurses bug you to name you kids?  Do you have any name suggestions for me?  The girls are full of them but they things like “Beautiful flower girl”, and Maximilian.

Anyway, that’s our happy news.