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My mother bought ballet lessons for the girls, as well as ballet outfits for the girls for Christmas.  This last Saturday was their first lesson.  They REALLY loved it.  I mean REALLY REALLY Loved it.

The teacher said at the beginning of class that she doesn’t believe in forcing little kids bodies into doing exact and perfect ballet stances.  That the point of the class was to introduce them to lyrical movement, the basics of ballet and to enjoy dance.  I liked that.  That was the kind of thing we were looking for in a class.

It was really fun for me too.  I got to sit in the class (next class parent’s aren’t allowed until the last ten minutes, it distracts the little ballerina’s) and watch the girls I think it’s only as a parent that you can get so much enjoyment out of someone else getting enjoyment.

One of the funniest part of the whole thing was  about half way through the class Peanut asked the teacher when she was going to start teaching them ballet.  Too which the teacher responded “I AM teaching you ballet!”

I can’t wait for class next Saturday, nor can the girls.