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The Ball

I promised you some thoughts on the ball. So here goes.

We certainly had a most agreeable time at this ball. We arrived in good time and were greeted by many friendly and familiar faces. Their were slightly fewer people in attendance then at previous balls we have been to, but sometimes that is all for the best. There is an advantage to not being so crowded, and you get to talk to and dance with the same people more often, which helps you get to know them better. I danced every dance, despite a sprained toe (at least, I hope it’s only sprained! How do you tell if your toe is broken? (It has been mentioned to me that someone might wonder the source of my hurt toe and falsely assume it was Husband.  I kicked a plastic crate, it’s all me.), Husband is very accommodating like that. I won a door prize this time. The most I’d ever won in my life before was a t-shirt, now I’ve won a book too!

How to describe the ball if you’ve not been to one…well, if you’ve ever watched the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice then you’ve a fair sampling of what it’s like. The era of dress and characters change but the feeling of refinement and elegance never does.


Here’s a picture of us in our regency attire. I know it was the George Washington’s 276th Birthday Ball, but I’ve not gotten to the late 1700’s in my costume making yet. That will be after I finish the Victorian stuff I’m working on now.

I think I had more fun at this ball then almost any other. It probably has to do with the fact that I’ve begun to feel a part of the main group, the stall-wards. We’ve been going to these events off and on for the last four years (The only reasons we were “off” is it’s hard to wear a corset when your six months pregnant, plus all of Peanuts medical stuff makes it tricky to find babysitters). Last year, shortly after I learned I was pregnant with Cake, Husband was solicited to join the 1st Virginia Volunteer Infantry, times being as they were, he was unable to invest the time or money. Hopefully sometime in the near future he will be able to change that. I wish that I could contribute more to the We Make History cause. There has been much talk of advances in the coming year, hopefully I will find something I can do among those advances to help.


40 inches later

I mentioned that we are headed to a ball this weekend. I’ve been adding some touches to my ball gown. Due to recent changes in my…er…changes…my dress doesn’t fit quite like it used to and the neckline needed some modification to be modest. My dress has some beautiful green ribbon on it. I didn’t quite have enough left, about an inch short, to add along the neckline. I figured I would just go to the fabric store and pick up some more. I was a bit concerned that I might not be able to find it because it was about three years ago that I originally bought the ribbon for my dress. Four fabric stores later, I found out that the company that made the ribbon is out of business. So option number two was to take the leftover scraps from making my dress and hand make some pleated ribbon that would match. A word to the wise, don’t make pleated ribbon unless you REALLY have to. 40 inches later, my fingers are sore from pushing pins into tiny 1/4 inch pleats, but it looks great.

My mother is the Uber seamstress and when ever I have one of these projects I call her about every fifteen minutes to ask her a question (Thanks Mom!). If I had just listened to her when she was trying to teach me to sew when I was a kid, I probably wouldn’t have to bug her so much now. It is nice to have an excuse to call her though. It’s also been neat to learn a new skill as I’ve tried to make outfits for the balls. If I was back home, I’d probably make my mom bail me out of half the project.

What new skills and hobbies have you acquired in recent years? What did your mom or dad try to teach you that you wish you’d paid attention long enough to learn?

Be sure to tell them your sorry, it may be hard to take the gloating, but it’s good for the soul to apologize.

Jane Austin’s Letters

As you may have noticed by the side bar, I’m reading Jane Austin’s Letters at the moment. The intro goes on and on about how so many people were very disappointed by them, how they shouldn’t be expected to be anything like her novels. How the writing isn’t up to par, how you really can’t expect all that much from letters to family. Frankly, I think all the critics were insane, her letters are hilarious. Not only is the writing style sprightly, the way she pokes fun at those around her, as well as herself, makes her feel real. She talks about the little in’s and out’s of her life, which is just the kind of writing I like (hum…isn’t that what I’m doing here? Not that I class my writing with Miss. Austin’s, mind you.) in a letter. I would like to be friends with Jane Austin. She seems to be my kind of woman.

One of the reasons I’m reading them is we are planning on going to a ball this weekend. I like to get in the right frame of mind by watching movies and reading books that lend themselves to that kind of thing. Even though this ball is the George Washington Ball, I think Jane Austin will get you in the right frame of mind for any ball. I’ll be sure and tell you about the ball once we’ve gone.