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Shameless Plug

This is my mother’s day post. I know it’s very late, but there you are.

My mother is a very talented person. I am always impressed with all the things she can do, and do well. She is smart, sensitive and hard working. She is good and kind. I try to help her as I can, which usually isn’t very much, especially since I live so far away from her.  So today, I’m going to do a shameless plug for her, because that’s something I can do.

My Mother is a writer, she is also an author. You should buy her Sherlock Holmes novel!

You can get the e-book here.

You can get a hard copy here.

When you buy her book you will see a small glimpse of how awesome she is. You will know a little bit of what I know about her, that she is amazing.

I love you Mom.


Mom should Blog

My mother is a great writer.  She’s even had a book published. She’s a very busy woman and hasn’t had much time to write in the last few years, which is a real shame.  I’ve always loved reading what she writes, even just little emails and such that she sends.  She just has a way with words.

When I was visiting after my grandmothers funeral, we were talking and I asked about several family history type stories.  From this my mother decided to send an email once a week to one of my brothers and me, recounting those types of things.  My suggestions is that she blog these stories.  That way, they are in an easily searchable format, that lends it self nicely to what she is trying to do.

I’ve already told her this, but I figured if I blogged my suggestion to blog, maybe that would stand a greater chance of convincing her.

And maybe if everyone tries to convnice her, she will one day post “Cara Crane and the Loom of Doom!” which is my very favorite of her stories…well, maybe “Cara Crane and the Burning Box” is my favorite…

Atlas Shrugged

I have a book I would like to recommend to you all, but I can’t.  I can’t recommend it because it has WAY too much sex in it.  If it weren’t for the parts about sex (which have a lot of lead up and are easily skipped if you want to read it even thought I’m telling you their is too much sex in it.) I would defiantly recommend Atlas Shrugged.  Maybe the cliff notes version would tell you all the things I learned from this book with out the sex…hum…

One thing I found particularly interesting about reading this book at THIS time is the problems she talks about and the “solutions” the government enacts (which consequently ruin the whole country) are strikingly similar to some things going on at this very moment in time in the US and across the world.  There are quite a few politicians that if I thought they would actually get my package that I would send them a copy of the book and tell them which character they are.

The moral or theme of the book is basically, when the government meddles it ruins everything and if capitalism were let alone to do its thing everything would be fine.

Ayn Rand (the Author) said this about capitalism.

Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.

The recognition of individual rights entails the banishment of physical force from human relationships: basically, rights can be violated only by means of force. In a capitalist society, no man or group may initiate the use of physical force against others. The only function of the government, in such a society, is the task of protecting man’s rights, i.e., the task of protecting him from physical force; the government acts as the agent of man’s right of self-defense, and may use force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use; thus the government is the means of placing the retaliatory use of force under objective control.

—Ayn Rand, “What Is Capitalism?” Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

Ayn Rand demonstrates in Atlas Shrugged what she believes a world where the individual rights, the ability to practice capitalism is taken away, and what a society that functions with pure, unrestricted capitalism would be like.

Personally I like the capitalism one.

Artist Seeks fresh inspiration

I’m working on creating a logo for our family reunion. We are having it the same place we did last time, which is wonderful because it was the perfect place. The only problem is that being in the same location I don’t have any new inspiration to help me create a new logo. So…

If you needed to make a logo for a family reunion near cloud croft NM, what would you do? It must incorporate the date. We will be camping, talking, cooking, playing on a zip line, hiking in the woods, etc…

Speaking of the family reunion, it’s super fun. One of the things we do each time is have an auction of raise money for the next reunion. Everyone brings one or two items to sell in the auction. I’ll be doing these cool family photo books that I’m having published using blurb. I’ve been impressed with their software and I think it will be beautiful.

Jane Austin’s Letters

As you may have noticed by the side bar, I’m reading Jane Austin’s Letters at the moment. The intro goes on and on about how so many people were very disappointed by them, how they shouldn’t be expected to be anything like her novels. How the writing isn’t up to par, how you really can’t expect all that much from letters to family. Frankly, I think all the critics were insane, her letters are hilarious. Not only is the writing style sprightly, the way she pokes fun at those around her, as well as herself, makes her feel real. She talks about the little in’s and out’s of her life, which is just the kind of writing I like (hum…isn’t that what I’m doing here? Not that I class my writing with Miss. Austin’s, mind you.) in a letter. I would like to be friends with Jane Austin. She seems to be my kind of woman.

One of the reasons I’m reading them is we are planning on going to a ball this weekend. I like to get in the right frame of mind by watching movies and reading books that lend themselves to that kind of thing. Even though this ball is the George Washington Ball, I think Jane Austin will get you in the right frame of mind for any ball. I’ll be sure and tell you about the ball once we’ve gone.