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Autism Speaks

I mentioned a while back that my brother wrote an inspiring article on his daughter and what success really is.  That article has now been featured on Autism Speaks facebook page. congratulations Rob.

If you didn’t take the chance to read it before I hope you will now.


The Secrets of Success

My brother is awesome.  He also has an awesome family.  He recently made a presentation at work where th talked about the secrets of success.  I found it quite inspirational so I thought I would share it with you guys.

The Secrets of Success

Ya for G33ks

I have geeky brothers.  They will totally agree with me on this point I’m sure.  If you don’t have geeks in your family, let me tell you why this is so useful.

When I need to figure out what free programs I can download to stick together a bunch of short audio clips, I can call one of my brothers.

If I want to know if I got a good deal on the video card I just bought, I can call one of my brothers.

If I need to figure out why the heck my computer isn’t booting, I can call on of my brothers.

And they always know.  How awesome is that.

Who do you call for questions about geeky stuff?


It’s always amazing to me how having children changes you. There are levels and depths of Love, Sacrifice and Sorrow are known only to parents. My brother and sister-in-law just found out their daughter is autistic. Although I cannot understand their particular pain, I do understand the feelings of a parent when a doctor tells you your child’s life will hold some challenges that you didn’t expect.

One thing that I always thought at that point was my child was still the same child, nothing had changed about them.  My understanding of how to be a good parent for them just became greater, my understanding of what my child needed from me in life expanded.

I just wanted my brother and sister-in-law and their kids to know that we love them and are here for them.

Always bring a Gun to a Knife Fight

My younger brother is a crime magnet.  Crime just finds him.  Luckily for the law, he’s on their side.

This weekend he apprehended two shoplifters who hit the elderly greeter guy (who happened to be in a wheel chair!) at Wal-Mart when he tried to stop them from shoplifting.  When my brother pulled the first shoplifter off the greeter he turned and hit my brother, then the second shoplifter started going at my brother as well.  They struggled for a while then broke apart and shoplifter #1 pulled a knife.  So my brother pulled his gun.

Apparently this caused a lady just shopping in the store to faint.  She couldn’t understand why he would have a gun in Wal-Mart.  To fight crime, that’s why!

My brother got the two shoplifters on the ground and then Wal-Mart security showed up.  Then the police showed up.  People were arrested.  Everyone, except the miscreants, went home.

Lest you think this is a once-in-a-life-time kind of thing, it’s not.  This is the sixth arrest he’s assisted in, just by living his normal everyday life, and he’s not a cop.  He works in IT.  So, next time your IT guy comes by to fix your computer, take a long hard look at him and remember, it might be more then software he’s good at!

And remember, always bring a gun to a knife fight.

It’s a Boy!!!

My Brother called this morning. His wife delivered a healthy baby boy at 8:15 this morning! Rob sounded tired but excited. I could hear my sister-in-law in the background while I was talking to him. She sounded how every new mother should sound, Happy, happy, happy. Congratulations guys, we love you!