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Christmas Memories

We had a nice Christmas.  It was VERY different from any other the others we have had since we were married.  The thing that made it so different was the fact that for the first time we stayed home.  I get sick when I travel and I can’t take the stuff that helps while I’m pregnant so we figured we would just hang here.

Here are a few Christmas memories.

Christmas stopped for the “Disney Princess Learning with Friends” book from Granny.  We actually had a fight between the girls when Peanut first opened it up.  Luckily Husband had unknowingly purchased the same book as we hurriedly found the second copy and had Cake open it.  Christmas was saved.  We finally had to put up the books before anyone would open anything else.  We thought about waiting the girls out and then continuing, but I wanted to know what was in some mysterious boxes!

I actually (sort of) surprised Husband with a gift this year.  I think this is also a marriage first.  It’s gotten so bad that I mostly just ask him what he wants and get exactly what he says and don’t even try to surprise him.  Because when ever I do try to surprise him I am always so unsure about the gift that I ask him about it or he guesses what I got WAY before opening time.  I’ve been told he’s had a talent for this his whole life.  Combine that with the fact that I’m a terrible liar and you have a recipe for no Christmas surprise.  But this time I got him something that he didn’t know what it was before hand.  I had to hide the box so he wouldn’t see the size and be able to shake it, and he figured it out once he saw the box, but I made it all the way to Christmas morning with out him KNOWING!  On Christmas eve he did have some guesses narrowed down in his mind, but I’m taking what I can get as a victory.

For dinner on Christmas we used the China we got when we were married.  Peanut got a tea cup from the set and Husband and I used the stemware.  When Peanut saw the difference between our glasses and hers she stopped and said “Wait! I have a problem, my cup is not fancy enough!”  She had to reconcile herself to sharing with her daddy.