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Gift from my Father

My father has a talent, a gift really.  He can fall asleep anywhere, at anytime.  It’s really quite amazing.  Before he got his sleep apnea treated he could even fall asleep mid-conversation.  Luckily he doesn’t do that kind of thing any more, but he can still sleep when ever he wants.

My father passed this gift on to me.

It’s really quite wonderful when you have little kids who wake you up at night, because as soon as you have taken care of what ever they need, off to sleep you go again.  Of all the things that my father passed on to me, this has got be be my favorite.   Unlike the metabolism crashing around age 25 that he passed on, that one I didn’t like so much.

Husband, on the other hand, has a terrible time going to sleep.  He also wakes up really easily.  It doesn’t matter how tired he is, it still takes him a long time to go back to sleep.  Although I’ll be really tired when the new baby comes, he with be even MORE tired.

I wish that I could share the gift my father gave me with him.

What “gifts” did your parents pass on to you?