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Dino Attack

Today we went to the Museum of Natural History.  We had a good time…well, mostly.

Peanut, we discovered, is afraid of Dinosaurs.  She was all excited to go to the museum.  She had read books on Dino’s, she has seen shows with Dino’s, she has played with Dino toys.  She wanted to see real Dinos!

Our first trouble was in front of the museum where they have a statue of a Raptor.  Peanut was happily walking along, talking about seeing the Dinosaurs when she noticed the Raptor.  She instantly wanted me to carry her.  I got that baby death grip on my shirt.  I started chatting happily about how cool that Dinosaur was and look at how neat it was until Peanut relaxed.  So I carried her into the lobby, which is adorned with two large Mammoth skeletons.  I’ve heard Peanut’s phrase of “I’m scary” more times today then I would like.

Peanut did like the Dino puzzles and the Hohokam exhibit as well as the panning for gold courtyard.  Towards the end she was even reconciled to the smaller fossils ,  but nothing would make her like the big ones.   We did have minor success with when their were larger and smaller of the same type as she enjoyed the mommy and baby idea.

Despite all this, Peanut still wanted a Dino toy from the gift shop.

Cake on the other hand enjoyed herself immensely.

p.s. This is my 100th post.  Whoohoo!