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And that means???

I have a lot of dreams.  And I remember them quite well usually.  Some of my dreams are pretty crazy.

I’ve always thought that dreams mean something.  That they are your unconscious mind trying to work out it’s problems.  I’ve found that if I keep having a bad dream, or type of dream, if I can figure out how it connects to my real life, the dream stops.

When was a kid I had this reoccurring nightmare about the Frankenberry Monster. Ya, the pink cereal guy.  I had this dream for about six years.    Every six months I would dream about him attacking my home.   Every time something more would happen.  The last time I had the dream it ended with me standing up to the Frakenberry Monster.  When I learned to stand up for myself in real life, the dream stopped.

Another reoccurring theme in my dreams is math.  If you know me at all, you know I HATE math.  I can do it, but I have to work REALLY REALLY hard to understand and do it right.  Every once in a while I will dream that I’m about to take a math test and I haven’t studied and for some reason I haven’t been going to my math class so I have no idea how to do the test.  I find that I have this dream when I’m worried about doing a good job on something or doing something right in my real life.

Another reoccurring theme in my dreams lately is dancing.  Nothing more, just me dancing.  Sometimes ballroom, sometimes just prancing around.  I have NO idea why I keep dreaming this.  What do YOU think it means?

What do you dream about?