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In extreme emergencies

Peanut stopped me after dinner to, as she put it, “have an adult conversation” The other kids went upstairs and she asked me what the word assolence meant.  It took me until she told me it had something to do with growing breats that I figured out that she meant adolescent.  I explained to her that it was just another word for being a teenager.

She told me that sometimes it’s really awkward to ask me questions about stuff like that.  We talked about how even though it’s awkward it’s important she ask me about that stuff.

She responded “and in extreme emergencies, Dad.”

It’s nice to know I’m the preferred parent.


Clones are people too

Here are a few things that I’ve overheard from my kids or conversations I’ve had with them in the last little while.

Cake: “Oh, I just LOVE the smell of art!”

Cake: upon seeing a fountain light show “It’s like splashy water colors!”

Lunchmeat: He wanted me to play a game with him and gave me a wand “You don’t hold a wand like that!” he critiqued me for about five minutes on my wand technique.  I apparent stink at wands.

Peanut: This one is more me talking to Peanut, We were watching Star Wars Rebel’s and she was talking about how the new storm troopers were real people, unlike the clones. I said “Close are people too baby, clones are people too.” We then had quite the long discussion on if clones are real people or not.

Things my Kids said

My kids are hilarious, as I’m sure yours are too.  I’ve been collecting up some snippets of what they have said and done that made me laugh, and here they are.


My in-laws recently gave her a two volume dictionary/encyclopedia.  When she walked in and saw it lying on the table she asked if it was her with a very excited look on her face. When I told her that they were she caught it up and began hugging it.


Cake was playing with Peanut and they were, for once, having a wonderful time and not getting in any fights. Cake said to Peanut “Aren’t I glad we are sisters!”


Husband was giving him and big hug and he said “Don’t crush me Dad, or you won’t have a son!”

He had to go to the bathroom during sacrament meeting and when he came back he was worried and asked “Did I miss the eating part?!?!?!”

When I needed to take his camo pants away because they had holes in them he said “You don’t need to take them, they are army holes.”


He has started saying a few things, sort of.  He said jeu for juce and MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA if he wants something, but that’s about it.

Parenting Achievement Unlocked – Nerd Parenting

We all want to teach our children the important things, the life skills, the skills they will need to do well in life and be happy.  We also want to teach them things that will be fun, things that will give them release and enjoyment through their lives.  We also all secretly hope that our kids will be like us in the things we like about ourselves, things that will enable you to be friend later in life, things that will give you a connection with your kids, outside of being their parents.  So, in my case, I secretly hope my children will be nerds.

Husband and I may have accomplished this goal.

My children LOVE playing D&D.

And it doesn’t get more nerdy then that, now does it. And if you don’t know what D&D is you really aren’t nerdy enough to read this post.

Now, to give credit where credit is due, I think this came about because Adam wanted Husband to play D&D with his son. Husband is a good dungeon master and Adam’s son and friend had been playing what they are calling “mental mindcraft” but as there were no rules and little boys always like to win, it wasn’t always very fun.  Adam thought that it was a short leap from “mental mindcraft” to D&D.  As Husband was working on a dungeon for those boys my kids asked what he was doing.  After that nothing would do but for my kids to play.

I have to say, Husband is a saint.  He helped three kids, one of them only five, create D&D characters.  And then he did mine to boot.

Peanut made a half Elf Druid named Isamae.

Cake made a Paladin named Ahericka.

Lunchmeat made a Thief/Rogue he named Smeeger, and then changed it to Sneaker.

(Again, here’s some insight to how my children’s minds work)

The next Saturday they played, and they played for four hours.  The kids were enraptured.  I was able to get SO much done as they played it was amazing! They all had a great time. I can’t tell you how much joy it brought me to see my kids and Husband playing together like that.  It was just perfect.

Peanut kept asking if her druid and gained enough experience to become a higher level druid yet.

Cake was always very concerned that her Paladin was doing what a Paladin would do.

Lunchmeat got really upset with Smeeger/Sneaker almost died.

When we had them stop playing and they were all sad and wanted to play more, I looked at Husband and told him we had sealed the fate of our children, they were officially nerds.

Not that there was much chance for them to be anything else anyway.

Thoughts on Hair

Last night my Sister-in-Law helped me color my hair.  The reactions upon my returning home were varied to say the least.

Husband asked me if I was trying to look like Jean Grey from X-Menhusband

Peanut wanted to know how one goes about coloring one’s hairpeanut

Cake wanted to know why one would color one’s hairCake

Lunchmeat said “You hair is red!”Lunch

Meatloaf said nothingMeat

This is a perfect example of my life and how the minds of the people within it work.

So, what do you think of my new hair?



Wow Son, you are really strong.

Ya, I know, it’s because I eat might.

What? How do you eat might?

You eat it like this (makes munching noise)

I’ve never seen someone do that, what is might?

It’s part of your strength, and you eat it.

Well, there you go!


This is what Childhood Looks Like

I like a clean house. I do, really.
But you wouldn’t know it from the last, oh lets say eight, years.

IMG_20140429_104343_946 IMG_20140429_104404_198 IMG_20140429_104414_989 IMG_20140429_104422_822 IMG_20140429_104445_671

This is what childhood looks like.