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Lego Temple

Recently my Husband was asked by his Mom, who happens to be the Stake Relief Society President, to build a Temple out of Lego’s for display at the Women’s conference this last Saturday.  I took pictures as it was being constructed. Normally you could not make a better request of my husband.  But a combination of sickness and work stress made it a bit less fun, but still every bit as rewarding, as it might have been.

First, the girls made a model for their dad to work off of. 🙂

IMG_20140924_220929_591Next my husband made Moroni and the top of the spire.

IMG_20140908_103206_842Next the base was started. It lived on the freezer in the garage for a while.

IMG_20140921_172651_428Then it lived on my kitchen table.












And my sideboard


The spire came on and off several timesIMG_20140925_064348_609At one point he modified-quoted Homer by saying “Somethings wrong, there are Lego’s here, but I don’t want to build them.”

I have one, not so proud moment during the construction on this Temple. It was the point at which I crept into my boy’s room while they were sleeping and stole their white Lego’s.


We have two Angel Moroni statues, one yellow unmodified Lego’s and one that I painted gold.


Finally it was done!IMG_20140927_240749_195

This involved multiple trips to two different Lego stores, and one trip to a slightly strange guy’s house, (Husband went, not me) that I met at a Lego store who collects and sells Lego’s.

I’ve been asked how many bricks are in this Lego Temple.  I don’t know, you are welcome to go count them if you like.

Here it is before we moved it to the event.


Here it is being displayed at the Women’s Conference.



I’m glad Husband got to do it and we got to be a part of it!