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And this is how it goes

And this is how it goes.

We were all set to be about 10 minutes early to church.  Everyone was dressed.  The kids were getting some snacks to take with them.

Then, the scream.

Lunchmeat, trying to get some grapes, pulled out one of my sharp knives to open the package (which, incidentally, was already open) and cut is finger.

Some of the things he cried were “I didn’t know my finger was there!” and “Why is my blood coming out!?!”

I grabbed a tissue and squeezed his little finger.  All the while he was REALLY freaking out, much more then he normally does.

I tried to look at the cut but it was still bleeding too much.  Husband came down and I said we might have to get him stitches or have it super glued.


He was so upset that he then threw up, all over himself.  I miraculously managed to escape the deluge.

We finally got Lunchmeat to calm down and we got him all cleaned up.  His finger finally stopped bleeding and we decided to super glue it at home (yes, you can do that).  He was not very happy about it but we got it done.  We got him in some clean clothes and then I looked at the time.

So much for being early.

And that is how it goes.


Three Lives

I feel like I’ve been living three lives for the past two months.

One here in our new home.

One and work.

And one back in our old home.

It makes it really hard to do any very well.

We have been working on finishing up all the projects that didn’t quite get finished while we were living there in preparation for our renter to move in.  It was amazing how many projects were at 95% completion.  It’s also amazing to me that you can live with most projects at 95% completion just fine.

So we would work, do school, take care of kids, and try to spend as much time as we could going to our old house (which is 45 (if you drive fast) minutes from our new house) to finish things up and also try put our new house together and settle into a new life here.  And this was all while I have been dealing with an extremely busy work schedule, starting a new migraine regiment that involves injections (which if you know me at all you will know how much I HATE shots) and Peanut starting a new school, and Husband starting his heaviest semester, and probably hardest semester for his degree.

It’s a good thing I’m on meds already or this would have put me on some.

But, yesterday I officially completed the work on the old house.  I declare it done.

I hope to take some picture of it before they move in this week.  I would really like to re-cap all the things we’ve done to that house and walk down memory lane, as there are so many memories there.  Close the chapter so to speak.

But, it is done.

Well…just one more thing…then it will be done.  I promise.

Silver Lining

There is a Silver Lining to everthing, I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before.  I try to find it in life.   Some times I succeed, some times I don’t.  I’ve been working on a way to find it with my whole migraine issue.

I think I’ve managed to find one. 

My medication makes me lose weight. YA!

That’s it. 

I’m sure I’ll think of something else later.

So, what are some Sliver Linings you’ve found for some not-so-fun stuff in your life?

Coming Home

My kids have been visiting my in-laws this week, Peanut had fall break so it was perfect timing.  I can’t belive that my in-laws would be willing to take on all three of my kids, plus one cousin, especially since Cake is potty training, but they did. 

So since I left them Monday afternoon Husband and I have been on our own.  It’s been rather strange, and much less productive than I thought it would be.  I had all these grand plans for what I would do when I didn’t have kids to take care of, but every day when I got home from work I didn’t have much motivation at all. 

I can’t decide if I feel like I wasted the time or if the rest was worth it.  I’ll let you know when I decide…

My mother-in-law is on her way here, by herself I might add, with my kids in tow…she really should be sainted for that and the whole last week.

Weekends are my favorite

I’ve been reminded what it felt like as a kid, waiting for Friday.  The feeling of anticipating Saturday and Sunday.  Even though my weekends are filled with catching up on chores and taking care of kids (not what I would have looked forward to as a kid for my weekend) I LOVE IT.  I am grateful that Husband and I both have jobs and that I’ve got good health insurnce through work, but I really miss staying at home with the kids.  Dealing with all the tantrums, picking up all the toys, changing dirty diapers…yes I miss being the one who knows how often my baby poops. 

By the way, being a stay at home mom is WAY more work then working a regular job…so kudo’s to all you stay at home mom’s out there, I hope to re-join your ranks in the future!


It’s amazing to me how on top of things the Lord is.  As soon as I feel like I’ve figured out how to have balance and order in my life around one set of trials, I get tossed another one.  I’m hoping that eventually this won’t throw me for so much of a loop.  What do you think?  Does age help you roll with it more?  Or do I need to reconcile myself to complete discomfort and chaos my whole life?

One day I will see and understand the pattern and purpose of all this.  I just hope I’m good enough at listening to the Spirt to do the right things in the mean time.

We put the Fun back in Funeral

Not really.  I suspose some funerals can be fun, but I can’t imagine how!

I actually saw something about funerals that was funny though.  The Best Funeral Ever.  I got a laugh out of it that’s for sure.

Just in case you were wondering why in the world I’m talking about funerals (and the reason I didn’t blog for a week) is that I’m at my parents house because my grandmother died.  I spent last week helping get the funerals all arranged and such.  You know, I’ve decided that funerals and weddings have a lot in common.  You make a guest list.  You write thank you cards.  People cry.  You spend a heck of a lot of time and money!

I told my parents they were not allowed to die because it’s too much work.

P.S. Children and Funerals do not mix.