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My mom came to town some time ago.   It was so wonderful to have her here.  She is so amazingly helpful.  It was great to come home from work to a clean house with dinner ready for me.  She also watched the kids.  Little Cheese really got on with her.  Isn’t it funny how some people just connect, even when one of them is so small.


Mom should Blog

My mother is a great writer.  She’s even had a book published. She’s a very busy woman and hasn’t had much time to write in the last few years, which is a real shame.  I’ve always loved reading what she writes, even just little emails and such that she sends.  She just has a way with words.

When I was visiting after my grandmothers funeral, we were talking and I asked about several family history type stories.  From this my mother decided to send an email once a week to one of my brothers and me, recounting those types of things.  My suggestions is that she blog these stories.  That way, they are in an easily searchable format, that lends it self nicely to what she is trying to do.

I’ve already told her this, but I figured if I blogged my suggestion to blog, maybe that would stand a greater chance of convincing her.

And maybe if everyone tries to convnice her, she will one day post “Cara Crane and the Loom of Doom!” which is my very favorite of her stories…well, maybe “Cara Crane and the Burning Box” is my favorite…

Magical Granny

Peanut, as you know, spent the last week with her Granny.  Granny did some amazing, magical things while she had Peanut with her.

She brought back the nap.

She helped Peanut overcome her fear of Cats.

And she got her to EAT!

Today at her weight check Peanut was up two pounds from our last visit which was a month ago.  We don’t have to go back for weight checks any more and as long as she keeps eating.  The three meals I’ve had with Peanut don’t bode well for that, but Granny is going to send me and email with a list of all the magic things she did so I can give them a try.

All I can say is HOORAY for Magical Granny’s!  I hope that one day I can be as magical as my Mother-in-law.

So, what Magic things can your mother do?

Sick Kids

Poor little Cakies has been sick the last two nights.  When ever she gets sick she has breathing trouble, which, as you may imagine, it pretty scary.  Also, she coughs and coughs and coughs.  So I always wind up sleeping with her on the couch because she sleeps better when sitting up, not as much coughing and breaths better.  This morning Peanut is sick as well, but she never gets very sick (the one thing I can say “thank you” to her bleeding disorder for!)

Anyway, I was thinking last night about how much as a mom you wish you could take these kind of things from your kids.  I would a MILLION time rather be sick then have my kids be sick.  I also got thinking about my mom, how I’m sure she spent many sleepless nights holding us when we were sick.  I just wanted to say, THANKS MOM!!!!!!

Purple Diamonds Revisited

My mother read my earlier post about Peanut wanting Purple Diamonds. A few days later she was walking through Wal-Mart and came across a ring that had a purple stone in it. She just HAD to buy it. So yesterday Cake and Peanut got a package in the mail from Bubush. Peanut opened hers and it contained a purple head band, bracelet and the ring. Peanut was beside herself with joy for getting the purple diamond she had mostly forgotten she ever wanted.

Thank Heaven for Grandparents. What would we do with out them!

Jumped the gun

So, apparently I’ve jumped the gun about announcing Cake’s ability to crawl forward.  It seems that once I announced it, she decided she was reverting to crawling backwards only, despite the frustration it causes her.  She’s trying to make a liar out of me!

In other news, we just had a visit from Granny.  It’s uncanny how kids instinctually know that Granny will give them things and let them do things that Mommy never would.  Peanut has run to Granny several times to be “saved” from what ever it was Mommy wanted or didn’t want.

Do your kids use other people to try and thwart you?


One thing I have been thinking about today is how blessed I am to be a Mom…and also one that gets to stay home with her kids! I know I get a little stir crazy and overwhelmed sometimes, but I do realize how blessed I am. I get to see everything that goes on with my girls and be here for them.

What do I love about my job? I get to work and plan for out home, I get to cook, clean and love. I get to play and even, some times take naps, just to name a few. And I get paid in kisses. Who in the world has a better job then that?

We were talking about a month back in RS about how we as women sometimes feel like we need to apologize for being stay at home mom’s or justify our existence. I’ve totally caught myself doing that in the past. I really do know that taking care of my family is the most important thing I can do and it’s been nice to not feel guilty for it.

I am SO grateful that Husband has a job that allows me to stay with my girls all day. Last summer I covered about a month of a girls maternity leave at my office. I HATED it! I had such a hard time being away from Peanut all day long. I’m just so so so grateful not to have to do that all the time.

I LOVE being a Mom. I LOVE being a Wife! (I sure am using CAPS and ! a lot in this post!)

What do you LOVE about your life? What blessings have you been thinking about?