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More adventures in D&D

So, we were playing D&D together as a family.  The place we were at in our adventure involved a lot of talking to the towns people to get some information.

Lunchmeat was complaining that we were not attacking anybody (detack, as he calls it) and said “I can’t stand all this talking!”

It was late.  I was tired.

That’s my excuse.

The Mayor of this imaginary town was acting suspicious and I KNEW he knew what we needed to know.  So I turned to Lunchmeat and told him to “Put the screws to him!”.

Husband looked horrified and the kids looked confused.

I modified my statement

“I mean, act like you are going to beat him up to scare him into telling us what we need to know.”

I’m not sure that was any better.

Cake said, “okay I got the screws out of him, he will tell us now.”

Sometimes I’m not so sure that playing D&D with the kids is a good idea.