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The seriousness of high school girls

I just ran across a set of poems we were required to do for my AP lit class in HS (YIKES!). It is pretty funny. It’s scary how dramatic I was. I’ve selected a few to share.

For your amusement, some of the writings of High School Jenny. (Please note you don’t get the full effect because I was very fond of using different fonts and sizes to convey my message.) Feel free to laugh heartily.

in, out,
My breath goes again
in, out,
My breath goes againin, out, all day long
in, out, always, now and forever in, out
This was a fair Heroine,
She lived all her life in sin,
she wanted to cry,
she turned and die,
and caused a very big din!

Night Light

the pickle, it glowed in the dark,
it created a very big spark
it burned down the house
along with my spouse
and caused all my dogs to bark

To my Grandfather

And now, he’s gone, and all he’s shown us,
was how to go and eat fresh doughnuts.

I sit in the corner so small
watching the world go by,
I will until the day I die
should I reach out and call?
should I just play will my ball?
I could just sing American pie
until I begin to sigh
If I move I could fall
I will be forced to move
I shall walk upon the stair
but what will it prove
though my knowledge is short
what shall I do when there
but I will go to the court

My English teacher sold her soul,
for a sheaf, set and bound,
about two fools who mess around.
Why she did I cannot say,
but she told me that the other day.
“It cost me all” she said.
and when I asked her why,
she smiled as she began to cry,
“I cannot tell,” she said to me
“An English teacher seemed the thing to be.”

The Bug
crawled across the window fair,
as I sat looking from my chair.
he was trying to come in,
and in my Sin,
I wanted Out

Bad poetry
rotten and old,
on the floor;
fresh and new,
picked right now;
kept long,
filling up the well;
new found,
spilling over;
JumBLed aNd DEEP,
poUreD inTo tHe dIsh;
young and foolish,
poorly expressed;
written here,
take it or leave it.

The EXTRA scary thing about these is that they all relate to some event or inside joke. The EXTRA EXTRA scary thing is that I remember most of them!