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I have one piece of advice for college students.

Always keep you syllabi!

I’ve decided to go back to school. I’ve been working on getting all my stuff sent over to my new school, a process which requires lots of forms, even more forms then my love of form filling out will stand. One of the things that my new school wants to decide where my credits fit in my degree program is the syllabi from all my classes.

I don’t have any of them.

And neither does the school.

I have had many email conversations with various professionals at the school (which deserves a whole other post of it’s own) and I have not gotten a single original syllabus. I’ve gotten several newer/current syllabi, but no originals, but most classes, nothing. I did manage to find all the catalog entries, which is something.

So this is my advise.

Even though you may think you will NEVER go back to school, even though you may have already gotten a degree, even though a million different things, just save the syllabi, because you never know.

You just NEVER know.


Early Birds get the extra good worms

I have a really hard time fitting everything into my life that I want/need to do. I’m sure all of you have the same problem. I’ve tried all kinds of things to get more time, to cut out what I don’t need to do or to just do stuff faster. It’s not really worked.

I hate going to bed at a different time then Husband, so staying up later doesn’t work. As Peanut and Cake don’t always nap at the same time, that’s not a reliable thing to do. During the day I can’t do anything that requires me to be by myself, for obvious reasons. And once my Husband is home, I want to be with him, not off doing what-ever.

Earlier this week I decided that what I really need to do is get up earlier. Usually I wait for my girls to wake me up to get up, but today I got up early and was able to do some things that I’ve not been able to do in a long time. It felt great. We will see if I can keep my sleep debt down so I can continue to get up before the girls and have some quiet time.

What do you do to get some personal time? Where do you fit it in?

In other family news, Husband started class yesterday. School good, one evening a week without him, bad. Degree best, so school wins. Actually, I’m really proud of him for fitting school into his life when it’s already so busy.