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It’s always amazing to me how having children changes you. There are levels and depths of Love, Sacrifice and Sorrow are known only to parents. My brother and sister-in-law just found out their daughter is autistic. Although I cannot understand their particular pain, I do understand the feelings of a parent when a doctor tells you your child’s life will hold some challenges that you didn’t expect.

One thing that I always thought at that point was my child was still the same child, nothing had changed about them.  My understanding of how to be a good parent for them just became greater, my understanding of what my child needed from me in life expanded.

I just wanted my brother and sister-in-law and their kids to know that we love them and are here for them.


Women need Women

Family and friends with kids the same age as yours make visits so nice, everyone has someone to play with. My sister-in-law came over today. She has two kids the same age and my two kids, so the big ones played together, the little ones vied for the same toys and we got to talk. It was so great. Good friends and good family are such a great blessing.

The Lord knew what he was doing when he set up the Relief Society and Visiting Teaching, He knew that Women need Women. I’ve been thinking about that a lot this week. I can’t imagine how I would get through life with out the Women in my life. I always feel so recharged and ready to take on my challenges after I’ve had a few minutes to talk to some other women who I’m close to…even challenges like the fact that Cake apparently has RSV (very minor case, according to the Ped, but I think she actually has asthma.) Just add another thing to the long list of reasons we spend a lot of time at the Doctors office.

The Joy of New Sisters

I didn’t grow up with either of my sisters. They are much older then me. So, when I got married, and obtained several sisters and sister-in-laws that were more my contemporaries (and didn’t treat me like I was one of their children, sorry Sis, but you know it’s true!) I was over joyed. Several of them live close by, and several more live in different places. One of these sisters called us this evening. It was so nice to talk to her. One person (that’s not a grandma to them) that I know truly wants to hear about my kids. Someone who I know isn’t board when I tell them about my life. Someone who actually cares. Someone who can relate to my state of life, who understands my husband, who is into similar things.

In such a mobile world I find that it’s hard to keep friends for very long. I grew up in a town that people moved to and stayed forever (I had the same group of wonderful friends from jr high on). It’s been a change adapting to the newly-wed, apartment-dwelling and easily-moving state of most of my recent friends. How nice it is to have some people, that how ever far away physically, will always want to talk, will always care, and who don’t know how annoying I was as a child.