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Geography Quiz

Some of my brothers will like this. We used to sit around the dinner table to do geography quizes.  Be honest, how many of you got Armenia right the first time?


Sooooo Sloooooow

My computer is a little on the old side.  Four or five years I think.  One of my hard drives is about thirteen years old.  Everything has been running peachy despite the age of my pc until the other day one of the dimms died on me.  It’s been a while since I worked in computer hardware so I called the Monastic Assassin to help me diagnose the problem.  I had figured that my thirteen year old hard drive had finally given out.  But thanks to him I was able to remove one of my dimms and be up and running again.  Only now my computer runs SOOOOOO Slooooooow.  I was already thinking before this happened that I needed some more memory because it was feeling a bit to slow, but now I REALLY do.

So what’s your biggest complaint about your computer?


If you are looking for a personal but well crafted Christmas gift you might consider making a book for the person in question.  I have taken a look all a bunch of book making sites on line and I feel that Blurb is the best one out there.  Their prices are great and the quality was even better then I expected.  The shipping was fast and not expensive.  It also stores the books you made so if you find you need another copy you can just order it again.  You can even make your blog into a blurb book!  It allows you to include your comments and hyperlinks if you want.  You can even select which posts you want to have or not have in your book.

I made a few books using blurb this last summer and was really happy with the results.  I liked it so much that I’ve decided that instead of expensive and time consuming scrapbooks I’m going to make blurb books for the girls.  Right now I’m working on a wedding album for myself.

So, blurb is cool.  You should take a look.  Maybe even make a book for a loved one.

Fomat C:/

Today I reformatted my computer.  This is something that I do about once a year.  Things start to run slow, my computer get’s bogged down, windows starts crapping out…so I reformat and things get better.

Before I ever reformat my computer I check and make sure that everything is moved to my D: drive (I keep everything their normally anway and use my C: just for installing programs.  I double chck to make sure I have all the CD’s for my software that I need to re-install or have the software install files saved on my D: drive.  I check to be sure I have all my weird drivers that windoes doesn’t know on it’s own. 

Everything went great.  I’m back and up and running before mindnight and I did it all while my kids were awake!  Cool!

Then I realized the one thing I forgot to do. 


All my internet book marks are gone.

Luckliy I have some of the pages I visit listed on this blog.  So, next time you go to re-format, don’t forget to save your bookmarks!

How often to you reformat your computer?  Do you reformat your computer?  What’s the worst thing you forgot to save last time you reformated?


I mentioned the game Aquaria in an earlier post and I’ve just finished playing.  I think Aquaria is an awesome game.  It’s visually beautiful as well as mentally challenging.   My brother, wrote a review that I think sums it up quite well, so I won’t labor you with my description of the game.  I’ll just say, if your into exploration/puzzle games, Aquaria is the game for you.


I think everyone has a little Monk in them. For me, I’m a bit OCD about video games. I only like the puzzle/treasure hunt type of games. No first person shooters, thank you. The thing about games like that is they often have mazes or complicated landscapes of some kind, and it is often very important to go everywhere and find everything. So, I make maps. Right now I’m playing Aquaria, which has a rather intricate map, with layers overlapping. I’ve got a rather large, cut up, taped together map of aquatic tunnels hanging on my wall by my computer (Husband says it freaks him out because it reminds him of the movie “A Beautiful Mind“). The thing that makes this OCD is the fact that when I’ve won the game, the map won’t go in the trash. I’ll carefully redraw it nice and neat with a map key and treasure list, fold it up and keep it with the CD of the game. Lest you think that I will use it next time I play the game, let me clarify. I will most likely make a totally new one next time I play. Sometimes I scare myself.

So, what are you OCD about?