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All the kids pack their lunches for school every day on there own.  Sometimes this is a hard task to make them do, sometimes they just get it done, which is nice.

Lunchmeat is usually the one where I have to hound him to pack his lunch.  One day he had left his lunch box at school so I made him, after hounding, put his lunch in a plastic Walmart sack.

In the morning everyone got their lunches and went to school as normal.

In the afternoon when I picked up the kids, Lunchmeat was very upset.  When I asked him what was wrong he asked “Why did you only give me carrots for lunch?”  I reminded him that he had packed his own lunch and asked what he was talking about.  He pulled out a Walmart sack and out of it he pulled a three pound bag of carrots.He asked me why I changed his lunch for carrots.

When we got home his lunch was still sitting in the fridge.

Poor kid.  What I don’t understand is why no one from the school did anything about it?  Apparently several adults noted he only had carrots and commented to him but no one got him a new lunch or called me.


Clones are people too

Here are a few things that I’ve overheard from my kids or conversations I’ve had with them in the last little while.

Cake: “Oh, I just LOVE the smell of art!”

Cake: upon seeing a fountain light show “It’s like splashy water colors!”

Lunchmeat: He wanted me to play a game with him and gave me a wand “You don’t hold a wand like that!” he critiqued me for about five minutes on my wand technique.  I apparent stink at wands.

Peanut: This one is more me talking to Peanut, We were watching Star Wars Rebel’s and she was talking about how the new storm troopers were real people, unlike the clones. I said “Close are people too baby, clones are people too.” We then had quite the long discussion on if clones are real people or not.

And this is how it goes

And this is how it goes.

We were all set to be about 10 minutes early to church.  Everyone was dressed.  The kids were getting some snacks to take with them.

Then, the scream.

Lunchmeat, trying to get some grapes, pulled out one of my sharp knives to open the package (which, incidentally, was already open) and cut is finger.

Some of the things he cried were “I didn’t know my finger was there!” and “Why is my blood coming out!?!”

I grabbed a tissue and squeezed his little finger.  All the while he was REALLY freaking out, much more then he normally does.

I tried to look at the cut but it was still bleeding too much.  Husband came down and I said we might have to get him stitches or have it super glued.


He was so upset that he then threw up, all over himself.  I miraculously managed to escape the deluge.

We finally got Lunchmeat to calm down and we got him all cleaned up.  His finger finally stopped bleeding and we decided to super glue it at home (yes, you can do that).  He was not very happy about it but we got it done.  We got him in some clean clothes and then I looked at the time.

So much for being early.

And that is how it goes.


Wow Son, you are really strong.

Ya, I know, it’s because I eat might.

What? How do you eat might?

You eat it like this (makes munching noise)

I’ve never seen someone do that, what is might?

It’s part of your strength, and you eat it.

Well, there you go!



Lunchmeat has been expanding on his prayer repertoire. He no longer just prays to go back to nursery. Today is prayer included this.

“And please bless daddy that when he goes on his business trip he won’t meet any monsters, bad guys, or bears.”


With kids praying for you I am 100% sure you are safe from monsters, bad guys and bears.

I love kids.

Wisdom by a five year old

“Mom, Mom, Mom, can you do, can you do, can you do, that back and forth, back and forth thing to me?” said the five year old who could not remember what to say when he wanted me to push him on the swings.

Lunchmeat said “Mom is in charge.” When asked why by Husband he responded “She is in charge of the really really long time outs, but you are in charge too.”  At least I know what I will be remembered for.

Husband and Lunchmeat went to go see the Lego Movie again last night.  When they were leaving the theatre Lunchmeat was talking and when Husband asked him what he was saying he said “I’m talking with myself, you stay out of it.” Um, so I should be worried about that one?

Sometimes it floats

Below are some funny stuff that Lunchmeat said recently.  Many of them are oft used phrases or warnings of his.


“I want to go to Granny’s house for 100 minutes.  If it’s not that long it’s not enough and we should just stay home.”

“You are going to be in the explosion, the explosion will make your shirt purple, like that.”

“I’m only big when I get to play with Daddy’s Legos.”

“I’m not big, I’m not as big as Daddy!”

“I can only be good when I’m as big as Daddy, or when I have Legos.” Are you sensing a theme here?

“Granny is my best girl.  You are my number two girl.”  Granny keeps trying to convince him that I’m his number one girl, but we all know the truth, and it’s okay.

“If you don’t give me ____(fill in the blank)___ you won’t be my best (Mommy/Sister)” a much used phrase that he adapts for any circumstance.

“Let me tell you something!”


And the one that I really wrote this post to record…

This one was said to Granny as they were laying down together to take a nap.  Granny reports that he was very calm and thoughtful as he presented her with the following information.

“You know Granny, sometimes poop floats, and sometimes it don’t”

This remark has been much repeated and even made it into one of my brother-in-law’s business presentation.  Many of us have taken that as an analogy for life, which, really it is.