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He’s Perry, Perry the Platypus

He’s Perry, Perry the Platypus.

A while back I wrote about a show called Phineas  and Ferb that runs on Disney Channel.  Before bedtime the girls get to watch a TV show and as Husband and I actually kind of like Phineas and Ferb, we usually talk them into watching that one instead of one of the shows that make me want to run screaming.

I mentioned that Peanut is a bit young for that show, but Cake is REALLY too young for it.  Frankly, it shouldn’t hold her attention at all.  But it does, and do you know who she’s really interested in, the reason she likes the show?  It’s because of Perry the Platypus.  She even says in her 17 month old half English, Perry the Platypus.  (Peh, Peh d patapa)

Seriously kid, you like a platypus?


Phineas and Ferb

I feel that it is important to know what your kids watch. So I regularly check out the new shows for kids to see if they are okay for my kids. The little kids shows are mostly okay, but once I randomly thought I would check and see how the new show Phineas and Ferb was. I knew it was for older kids but I was tired of Mickey Mouse Club House.

As it turns out Phineas and Ferb is an awesome show! Although some of it is over Peanut’s head she still enjoys it. More to the point, I like it. It’s very clever and funny.

What kids shows do you enjoy?


So my very favorite show last season (yes, the annoying season that got messed up by the writers strike) was Journeyman. It’s about a man who finds he travels through time making small changes in the lives of the people he meets, which sometimes really change the world. It was an awesome show. Suspense, action, drama, romance. The writing and acting were great. All the actors in it were new to me but I wouldn’t have changed anyone.

Today I discovered that they are not making a second season, and probably not even making DVD’s of the season they did have!!! Why is it that Hollywood perpetually keeps the crappy, stupid shows and cancels the good ones?

What show did you like that ended before it’s time?