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Lots of writing

My blogging has not been very consistent, not because I haven’t been writing, I’ve actually been writing lots.  It’s mostly because my writing time has become school time.  I’ve had to write some papers on a few different things, some of them I had a lot of fun with.  One of them was my legal papers.   Most of those assignments ended with a page of what your personal opinion was about if the law was right or not.

My first paper I was a little worried to write my actual opinion.  I didn’t know if I had some terrible teacher who would doc me for having a VERY conservative/Libertarian opinion.  It turned out that was not the case.  I’m thinking about posting some of the more fun parts.

I also just finished a ten page research paper on Georgian era underclothes.  And yes, I chose that topic and I could have gone on for ten pages more.  Yes, I know I’m weird.

So, when you had papers you got to choose the topic, what did you write about?  Was it easier to write about your own topics or the ones that were give to you?

If you had to write a ten page paper today what would you write about?  Why?