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The Forgotten Holiday

I Love Thanksgiving, but I feel like it’s the Forgotten Holiday.

We start the holiday season with Halloween, which for some reason I can’t fathom now seems to begin in August.  And as soon as that’s over, we are right on to Christmas (not that I have anything against Christmas, it’s my Favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving being my second favorite, I wish it got a little more play).  If we do pay any attention of Thanksgiving it seems to be only for the day after, Black Friday, for the shopping we can do for Christmas (not that I have anything against Black Friday or Christmas Shopping!).

Here’s an example of what I am talking about.  Thanksgiving Decor.  Try and find it.  There isn’t much, especially in comparison to ALL other holidays.  You can find more stuff for St. Patrick’s Day for crying out loud.  Usually the few days after a Holiday is over you can find all kinds of decor for it on sale.  Never is that true for Thanksgiving.

Do you agree with me?  Is Thanksgiving the Forgotten Holiday or am I full of hot air?  What is your favorite Holiday?  Why?  Discuss!