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Letting Go

Today I did something very hard.  I let go.

What I let go of was clothes that my children have worn.

I was moving the winter clothes to storage and pulling out all the summer things and when I asked Husband if I could use some tubs that we had been given to store the things in.  He hadn’t any plans for them so I challenged myself to get rid of enough things so that all the clothes would fit in the five large storage totes.

I learned some things about myself.

  • I stop being emotionally attached to children clothes so much once they are over the age of two
  • It is easier to get rid of clothes when the child who wore it isn’t there telling you how cute it is
  • I have vivid flash backs by merely seeing the clothes my children wore has infants
  • Dresses are harder to part with then pants

It was hard.  Really hard.

I should have more clearly defined my goal before I started.  Because I either succeded wildy or failed.

I got all the clothes that my current children (I do plan on having more at some point) will never wear again into 2 and 3/4’s totes.  But, the winter clothes and the clothes that Lunchmeat and Cake have yet to grow into don’t fit in the remaining two totes….

So…I did really great getting rid of the stuff that we have no need for at present.  Husband is on his way to D.I. with Four of those HUGE black bags FULL of clothes as well as a large box 3/4’s full of shoes.  I feel good about the fact that there are children who need those now who will be able to use them, but my heart is a bit bruised having done it.

Sometimes it is hard letting go.  Even when you know you should.


Victoria’s Secret

Just a warning.  This may contain more personal information then you wanted to know about me.  I’m still PG, but just warning you.

I have mentioned before how I’m kind of a cheap skate when it comes to clothes.  But there is one thing in my clothes that I’m not a cheap skate about.  It’s my bras.  I buy all my bras from Victoria’s Secret.  It’s worth the investment in my mind.  The are more comfortable, make you look better, come in lots of cute and sexy (can I use that word and still be PG?) styles and they last a ton longer then any other bra’s I’ve ever purchased.

So, I was at Victoria’s Secret the other day buying some new bras and I was talking to the girl helping me (By the way, even if you don’t buy a bra there I recommend getting fitted for one there, or anywhere else that does free bra fittings, you would be amazed at how often people are wearing the wrong size and what a difference the right size and having it adjusted correctly makes, but I digress, that’s a topic for another post) and I mentioned how I wished that Victoria’s Secret made nursing bras because all other nursing bras are ugly and how great it would be to have comfortable and beautiful nursing bras.  And she said that they DO make nursing bras!!!!  I about fell over.

Apparently they just did a market test to see if people would want VS nursing bras and I don’t know how the test went but they will be back in January for the Semi-Annual sale, or if you can’t wait, you can call 1.800.411.5116 and tell them you want to order nursing bras (give them catalog number 8u223080)  I know a lot of you out there will be needing nursing bras and just thought I would pass along this information.

This blog has a pic of one of the nursing bras that VS now has.

Faux pas

I am not what you would call a fashionable dresser. It’s mostly because I’m cheap. Also partially because I have two little kids and I don’t have a lot of time to shop.

I went shopping with a friend of mine once and she was, for lack of a better word, shocked at how good my taste was. Her exact quote was, “Your really good at this!” with a VERY surprise overtone. That was one of those mixed compliments that I still laugh about. I do dress better now then I did in college, that at least, it something.

I am actually quite interested in fashion. I enjoy watching the TLC program, “What Not to Wear“. I almost always love everything that Stacy and Clinton pick out for people. Also, they are both always so impeccably dressed. But one episode Stacy was wearing Peak-toe pumps with nylons. I was always under the impression that was an incredible fashion faux pas.

So, the question for the day is: When should you wear nylons and when do you think they can or should be eschewed?

Here are the list of “rules” that I am aware of:

No nylons with any kind of open toed shoe

Always wear nylons with any skirt above the knee (not that I ever wear a skirt that short!)

In any formal occasion, nylons are a must

Black nylons = Black or gray shoe; White nylons = White or gray shoe; nude nylons = any color shoe

Red Shoes

I recently realized that I keep each pair of shoes I own for about ten years. I realized that ten years is a long time to be stuck with something you only moderately like. I decided that I would never purchase another pair of shoes that I didn’t LOVE. Why waste time with ugly shoes?

So a few months back I purchased a pair of red shoes. Peak-toe pumps to be specific. I’ve gotten more compliments on those shoes then any other pair of shoes that I’ve ever had. There is nothing like a cool pair of shoes to make you feel good.


I tried to find a picture of me wearing them, but as I do most of the picture taking in my family, the best I could do was give you a shot of the shoes.