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Am I Doing this Right?!?

As my daughter is laying on the couch, crying, because I took her cupcake away, I ask myself the question that I’m sure all mom’s ask themselves when they do things that make their kids cry.

Am I doing this right?

We all want our kids to grow up to be decent people, unselfish, Christlike.  We want them to be safe, happy, healthy and generally clean.

We DON”T want our kids to be entitled, selfish, brats.  We don’t want them to be dirty, sick, get hurt or be sad.

We all do things, sometimes hard things, hoping to achieve that end.

Like today:

I took the keys from the toddler.

He cried.

I told the boy to get their shoes on so we could go do something fun.

He cried.

I tried to make him take a nap,

He cried.

I told them to play outside.

They cried.

I took some of my kids toys away because they didn’t put them away like I told them to.

They cried.

Then they fought over the cupcake they were supposed to share.  I took it away.

They cried.

As all these things happen I ask myself over and over “Am I doing this right?”

Then, when my daughter calls to me from the couch where she has been sobbing over the lost cupcake, to hug her to make her feel better, I think that maybe I am doing at least some things right.