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Ikea Math

Me + My Mom + Ikea = three hours and late to our next thing.

How we managed to keep kids happy in Ikea for that long I’m not sure…actually I am.  I let my kids play in the display rooms and climb on the display beds.  They LOVE it.  But you think they would get tired of that before three hours was up.

Also, we almost lost Pooh Bear in Ikea.  Peanut left him sitting on a chair and if Cake hadn’t tried to run away from me in that direction we NEVER would have found him.  After that, Pooh went in the stroller and sat with Cheese.


Pooh Bear goes to the Zoo

Today we went to the Zoo.  It was quite and very empty, which I prefer. (Apparently most people are like my sister-in-law who told me it was TOO humid to go to the zoo, I guess I’m weird, humidity doesn’t bother me).

Peanut was very adamant that Pooh Bear needed to come to the Zoo as well because he needed to see animals like him.  So, Pooh Bear came.  We got to the Zoo and Pooh Bear was alternately shoved in the stroller and carried around by Peanut, depending on what she felt like, so Pooh did in fact get to see some animals. (Not like him though, we didn’t visit the bears (and I’m fairly certain the Zoo doesn’t have Pooh Bears at all!))

When we got back to the car Pooh Bear was put in the car before Peanut.  Peanut was in the process of finishing up an ice cream and she didn’t want me to put her in the car because “it will make the car all messy!” (!!!!!! My kid really said that!!!!)

So, when Peanut was finally put in the car she saw Pooh and started crying, hard.  It took a while before I could figure out what it was that she was crying about.  She had apparently forgotten that we took Pooh into the zoo because she was all upset that Pooh had missed all the animals and she wanted us to go back so Pooh could see some animals.  I convinced her that Pooh had, in fact, gone into the zoo with us and had seen plenty of animals and she calmed right down.

Cake, all through this expedition was sweaty, quietly taking in everything, and as soon as she was placed in the car, asleep.