How many lab techs does it take to run…

I’ve realized that I definitely use this blog to rant about stuff. But you keep reading, so I guess it’s not annoying or anything. That being said, today’s rant is…

Waiting for Lab results.

Now, if their are any lab techs who read this blog, could you let me know why it takes a week to get results for a milk allergy test? Cake has been out of the hospital for almost a week now and our ped still doesn’t have the results for the lab work we did while in the hospital. When I had my food allergy blood tests done I was told it would take a month to get the results. I’m just not understanding why it should take so long.

As I understand it food allergy blood tests work like this: You take a small sample of blood, add some of the allergen or an extract there of and watch to see what happens. I also get the impression that the “watch” portion of that does not take a week, a few minutes at most. If you were being really through, I suppose you could watch for delayed reactions, but the limit on that would be about three days. So again, why a week? Especially when a kid has been hospitalized, you would think that you would need the results ASAP. I an see how you’ve got a little admin time thats necessary but that should take, what five minutes?

I just hope I’m not poisoning my baby by giving her milk based formula.


2 thoughts on “How many lab techs does it take to run…

  1. Lorie May 12, 2008 at 3:16 pm Reply

    Hey, if you can’t rant on your own blog then where can you rant!?

    I am sorry it is taking so long! I would be annoyed too!

    But I guess it isn’t like the health of your child is in question. Oh wait. YES IT IS! Crazy lab people!

    I hope your hubby and Cake are feeling better from the flu. I didn’t see them on Sunday so I am guessing not so much. :/


  2. Robert May 13, 2008 at 9:01 am Reply

    I wish I could shed some light on the issue for you. The “Milk allergy” article on Wikipedia says the delayed reaction can take “several days,” though I don’t know what “several” means. So maybe delaying a week really is to make sure there are no delayed reactions.


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